Plane Making Tools

Old Street Tool is working with Lie-Nielsen Toolworks to provide the finest plane making tools to ever be commercially offered. These are a mix of traditional design and floats designed by Old Street Tool combined with Lie-Nielsen's unparalleled quality tool production capability. We've departed from traditional float nomenclature to accommodate planned expansion of our float offerings. These floats have eight teeth per inch. The floats are made from S-7 steel, hardened and tempered to about Rockwell 50 so they can be sharpened with a file. We suggest a double-extra slim 6" file. The handles are hard maple.

1 & 2. Small Cheek Floats with a push or pull tooth configuration. These agile floats are invaluable for fitting wedges, iron bedding, and breast clean-up in molding planes. They're ideal for mating abutments to wedges in bench planes. 9 1/2" overall length by 3/4" wide with 1 1/2" of teeth cut into the blade.$50 each in either push or pull configuration.

3. Side Float. These floats cut on the push stroke and make quick work of opening mortises in molding planes and/or widening the wedge gain for bench planes. This is one of the basic and most important plane making floats for bench and molding planes. The sides meet at an eight degree angle. 12 3/4" overall length by 1" wide with 6" of teeth cut into the blade. $50 eachWe have a limited supply of side floats in a pull cut configuration at the same price.

4. Edge Floats. Edge floats are used in mortising molding planes, sawing abutments and as a mouth saw in bench planes. With Side Floats, Edge Floats comprise the basic set of plane making floats. Edge Floats are available in 1/8" and 3/16" thickness. 12 3/4" overall length by 1" wide with 6" of teeth cut into the blade.$40 each

5.Bed Floats. Bedding of irons in planes is critical and Bed Floats are an essential tool for bedding bench plane irons. Bed Floats are available in 1/8" and 3/16" thickness. We suggest a 1/8" for bedding bench plane irons. 3/16" are great tools for chamfering planes and general trimming in all kinds of woodworking projects. 12 3/4" overall length by 1" wide with 6" of teeth cut into the blade. $50 each

6. 1/10" Mortise Chisel. Traditionally, narrow molding planes have wedges as thin as 1/8". Mortising for these while retaining the ability to fit the wedge requires a mortise chisel less than 1/8" thick. Mortising chisels this thin simply haven't been available. On a limited basis, Lie-Nielsen has made a few of their wonderfully balanced socket mortise chisels in 1/10" for plane making. We have a limited number available. $60 each